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We will deal with your ads on Google Ads

Our certified specialists will guide your account using all the tools Sembot.io offers


AI optimization

We're updating your bids for a click ten times an hour

Audit of the account

We automatically detect problems and changes in the auction environmenti

Offline conversations

We identify conversion sources in e-mails and phones on the www website

Product longtail

Ads on the Search campaigns based on the list of products

Click monitoring

We detect invalid clicks and "wrong" IP addresses


We store all conversations in one place


We report all changes made on the account and their consequences

Landing pages

We help to create good content on landing pages

Why us?

Humans and bots

100% of our employees are certified Google Ads specialists

Our team supports automatic account checking solutions 10 times in each hour, which allows to achieve effects that can not be achieved manually

The best architecture

In our campaigns, we use two recognized methods of building advertising campaigns. SKAG for Search Campaigns and Shopping Campaigns based on SKU

They require the most work, but they also give the best results

Focus on the result

We try to measure all possible activities, such as direct sales or realisation of other goals

We have our own solution to measure conversions from e-mails and from phones directly from the website

Own AI strategies

The campaigns we run are managed using secure Sembot AI mechanisms that allow you to achieve a range up to 40% greater than CPA/ROAS campaigns built into Google Ads

Automatic audit

Our systems regularly monitor hundreds of parameters on your account, and if it necessary our specialists take appropriate action


Our reporting tools allow you to save your account balance for a given day, so you know how many actions have been carried out and how your account performance has changed in the next billing periods

How we work

What we focus on



We create an ad group for each keyword in accordance with the principle of Skag. Thanks to this, the client sees the ad exactly connected to the keyword and goes to the right place on the landing page. (why DSA does not work)


We strive for maximum quality score of your keywords so that clicks cost as little as possible and the click-through rate of the ads was as high as possible


Having already cheap as possible and a high click-through rate, we're trying to achieve maximum campaign share


Being visible, we choose the display position using Sembot so that we get as many clicks as possible at the lowest possible price. Thanks to this, we can find the highest value of the margin minus the cost of the campaign

What we focus on


Multi-level campaigns

Depending on the offer, we share recipients so that along with the increase in the accuracy of the phrase they support their campaign with ever higher CPC (eg campaign mobile phones > mobile phones samsung > samsung s9 64gb black)

An ad group for each product

Our tool allows you to generate a separate ad group for each product, even if there are hundreds of thousands of them. Only in this way can you effectively set different click rates for different products


With the ability to manage the rate per click at the product level, we strive to achieve the maximum range at a reasonable price, so that the margin minus the costs is as large as possible

Price list of services

Expenses The cost of the service
250 - 1 250€ 20% of expenses (minimum 125€)
1 251 - 2 500€ 250€ + 10% of expenses
2 501 - 7 500€ 312€ + 7,5% of expenses
7 501 - 12 500€ 500€ + 5% of expenses
> 12 501€ 750€ + 3% of expenses