Run your own CSS Comparison Engine

                 Display Product Listing Ads under your agency’s brand name. Take advantage of discount to reduce your CPC or increase the ROAS at the same cost.

Gain an advantage over other agencies

Visibility of your agency’s brand

Your company name will be displayed in the Google PLA results list.

Up to 20% discount for CPC for your customers

You can buy clicks cheaper which results in the same share of views but in the lower price. Consequently the ROAS increases due to the reduction in the cost of click while maintaining the same revenue.

Higher ROAS for the same CPC

If you don’t reduce your CPC rate when you launch the CSS service, you will automatically have 25% more clicks force than if you did it directly throught Google Shopping.

Acces to Sembot.io tools

By becoming our client in the CSS service you automatically gain access to all our tools, which we gradually move to Sembot’s SaaS version.


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Are you individual customer
and you want to buy clicks cheaper?

Buying a subscription for 25€ per month you will get access to our tools and our discount.
You will continue to maintain your account exactly as before.
You can also use our help and advice.

Over 2 years, 90% of PLA in Google in the UE will come from CSS

You don’t know what Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) is and where does it come from?

Options for CSS cooperation with the customer

There are several options for keeping an account within the CSS service. All options are supported by our solution.

The comparison model

CSS creates a Merchant and Google Ads account to which the customer usually doesn’t have access. The customer settles directly to CSS on the basis of data provided by the agency. The customer doesn’t know the CPC after which the movement was purchased, knows the cost shown to him by the comparison engine and the sales from the CSS sources.

Example: The client pays 2,500€ to the comparison engine, the comparison engine buys an advertisement in Google PLA for 1,250€ and achieves the assumed ROAS. The customer sees the revenue and 2,500€ of cost – he is satisfied because business goals have been achieved. The comparison engine has a markup of 1,250€, which is impossible to achieve in Polish reality as a agency.

The reseller CSS model

Currently, most CSS brokers sells access to their service either in flat fee model or in % from the service. We don’t limit the possibility of monetizing your price comparison in this way. Regardless of the model, already several clients in the broker model cover the cost of subscriptions for our engine.

Example: The client pays the comparison engine 25€ per month for access to the CSS service (discount). The comparison engine invites the customer, the customer accepts. End of relationship.

The agency model

The agency accesses to the customer’s Merchant and Google Ads account or creates a new one on his behalf and manages the account in the classic way (e.g. the customer is its owner).

In case of an existing Merchant account, the Agency will send an email to Google with information about acquisition. Google sends an email to the customer. After acceptance by the customer, the account is further linked to the existing Google Ads account. The only change is “By Google” to “By YourAgency” in PLA and 20% cheaper clicks.

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Is such a CSS compatible with Google’s rules?

In 100%. In many European markets, SEM agencies that had access to IT created their own solutions, gaining a significant share in PLA displays.

Sembot allows you to get the same way of displaying without building your own solutions. 

The course of launching own comparison engine within CSS

With our software you can run your own CSS service in less than 2 weeks

Installation fee 2000€

Before starting cooperation, we require payment of an installation fee.

Launching the comparison page

After the payment is posted, you redirect your domain to the IP address indicated by us. We run the comparison engine and provide access to a panel where you can add customers and their products feeds in the form of XML file compatible with Google Merchant (* in the case of other formats we will add a passer).

Sembot Sp. z o. o. remains the owner of the engine and the service of displaying products within the CSS is provided as long as the subscription is paid.

50 stores in the comparison engine

In order to be able to provide CSS services you need to have at least 50 clients on your comparison engine. These don’t have to be the customers you advertise. We can help you deliver stores if you don’t have your own.

Report to Google

After meeting the requirements for the website and the number of customers, we report the comparison engine to the CSS service. Usually the service is already active within a week from the date of registration. If the website doesn’t qualify for the programme, the installation fee is refunded.

Subscription fee from 200€ per month for 50 Clients accounts

After receiving the acceptance of the comparison engine as a service operating within CSS, the subscription period begins. The subscription is payable in advance for a month in the SaaS subscription model.

Connecting customers


Send the Merchant ID of the customer you want to connect to your CSS maintainer.


Google sends an email to the customer asking for confirmation of the connection with CSS.


The customer accepts. From now on, the offer is displayed with the “By YourAgency”.

You can also simply create a new Merchant account for each new customer as a Merchant CSS Sub-Account and link it to an existing Google Ads account or classically create a new Google Ads account.


How does CSS affect the agency’s performance?


You will pay only 80% of the current price per click.

-20% CPC = 25% higher ROAS

After implementing CSS on existing and active campaigns of your customer, you will get an increase in the share of impressions in the same price for the broadcast. This is because the bidding is done at the stake without Google Shopping commision. This means an automatic increase in ROAS, as additional emissions translate into higher revenue.

At the same time it is possible to lower the CPC and have the same share in the displays as before the CSS implementation – it is especially useful when the client’s account had a very high share in winning auctions and increasing it is pointless.

How do I know there is a discount?

Google support about its “Google Shopping” service, the default CSS:
Google Shopping is required by the European Commission to be independently profitable. Google Shopping currently ensures profitability by deducting a fixed percentage margin from each merchant bid before entering it into the auction. The margin is included in the CPC paid by the merchant and is charged only when a user clicks on one of the merchant’s ads. In general, we recommend that merchants compare cost and returns of different marketing channels to assess which ones work best for them.”

This means that when you buy PLA advertising through Google Shopping (by default) you pay a certain commission. The amount of this commission is unknown.

Where did the 20% discount on CSS come from?

In short, examined. Working on the same large, stable campaign after CSS activation on the account, the share of displays is growing (so we are dealing with a larger CPC). By lowering the rate for a click, we reduce the share in the displays. After reducing the CPC by about 20%, we obtain the results of participation in the displays as before the launch of the CSS service.

Lowering the CPC is not in my interest! My salary is a commission on expenses.

So don’t lower it! In this case, with the CPC unchanged, the real bid rite in the action is 25% higher than in Google Shopping. This means more display share and therefore more revenue. Cost remain unchanged, revenue increases and so does ROAS, which is probably included in the contract with the customer.

What happens when everyone uses CSS?

That’s Google’s goal. As soon as the majority of the products come from CSS, the rate per click will be automatically increased. Then the discount will lose its reason (because everyone will have it), and the reference point will be the commissions that each CSS takes. 

Today a little number of shops in Poland use CSS. Until CSS become standard you will have an advantage in auctions thanks to our solutions. During this time, we will implement solutions that will improve your daily work and improve its results. After the disappearance of the discount – due to the the fact that the whole market will use CSS – you will have lower labour costs thanks to Sembot.io solutions, own branding in the search engine and our bouncy algorithms.

Start now.

Bonus - tools Sembot.io

All accounts added to will be able to benefit from the full capabilities of Sembot.io

Product Feed optimization (since 16.09.2019)

You can make changes in products - change titles, descriptions and photos directly in our panel.

A/B tests of product descriptions (since 30.09.2019)

Possibility to copy products and compare efficiencies.

Effectiveness analysis PLA (since 14.10.2019)

We will combine data from Google Ads, Analytics, Merchant Center and advice which products you should display and which you should reduce the rate per click.

Generate PLA campaigns (since 28.10.2019)

Generate multi-level campaigns with just a few clicks, including keyword funnel and SPAG.

Bidding optimization PLA (since 12.11.2019)

We will provide you with our bidding strategies and allow you to create your own rules and behavioural patterns depending on the effectiveness of the individual product.

In addition, we will gradually move to Sembot.io in SaaS version of existing proprietary solutions, such as phone tracking, fraud detection, click analytics, etc. and implement new ones, including those proposed by you.

Advertiser Dashboard

The purpose of the Sembot.io isn’t to provide a CSS service. Our goal is to create main control panel for conducting campaigns in various Internet channels. CSS is only beautiful beginning of the functionality that we will implement for you.

Price list for agency

Reseller Sembot CSS

Contact us
  • Commission per each connected customer
  • Unlimited number of accounds Merchant in CSS
  • Discount up to 20% on CPC in PLA
  • Comparison engine sembot.eu
  • No installation fee


  • Unlimited number of accounds Merchant in CSS
  • Discount up to 20% on CPC in PLA
  • Own comparison engine CSS
  • 10 000 000 operations in Sembot.io for free
  • Installation fee 2000 €

*operations – number of transactions executed under the Sembot.io system. At this stage, the only operation is to process a single product. Depending of the frequency of processing (once a day, once in month), a different amount of resources is used. All newly added modules to Sembot.io will work with operations as a source of limits. Operations can be bought back at a price of 25€ per 1 000 000 operations.

*The number of accounts refers to the number of stores connected to the CSS service.

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