Use our technologies

Save up to 90% of your time working with the Customer Account and at the same time increase its effectiveness. Automate routine tasks and detect problems.

Store all communication in one place – including files, audio and video calls.


We will run Google Ads under your brand

You don’t specialize in advertising on Google Ads, but your clients are interested in this service?

Our certified specialists will lead incognito your MCC account using all the tools that offers, generating results expected by the client.

Partnership program

Recommend clients and earn

We have an affiliate system that rewards you for sending us contacts to people interested in optimizing Google Ads.

The future of advertising is automation. Don't let get ahead.

Get an advantage. With us.


Over 10x faster than the AdWords editor

Generation of SKAG text campaigns

Our tools will allow you to generate a complete campaign in line with the most effective SKAG strategy – Single Keyword Ad Group.

Our system on the basis of provided content and keywords will generate additional matches, ads, ad groups, campaigns, and will create subdivisions into recipients, locations or devices.

Traditionally, about 3 minutes per product vs less than an hour on the entire product base with us

Generation and synchronization of SPAG product campaigns

Sembot can generate SPAG campaigns based on a list of products from Google Merchant Center.

We create campaigns at the level of a single product with a low priority, but with a high rate, campaigns by categories and brands excluding cutters strictly defining a product with medium priority and average rate per click, and general campaigns with a high priority, but a minimum rate

Impossible without Sembot for more products

Product text ads based on PLA

The system will generate text ads corresponding to products in the product feed, create keywords based on product names and place dynamic prices using “company databases”.

Any change to the feed will lead to price updates in ads, adding new ads, or pausing current ones if the item is no longer available

It eliminates the need to think while maintaining an account

Automatic audit of accounts

Sembot audit allows you to detect most common errors in your account. Thanks to the automatic, regular auditing of accounts, you will quickly detect irregularities and changes in efficiency.

In addition, the system will allow you to do basic, popular activities directly from the level of the car, including exclude keywords, create new SKAG campaigns based on search phrases, exclude placements, change CPC, pause keywords, products or ads.

It solves the problem of linking the source of leads to the agency’s activities

Track phone and e-mail conversions

For many customers, counting conversions is very difficult due to the lack of direct online sales, and forcing to send a form kills usability. Our solution allows for the replacement of a phone number or e-mail address to another depending on the source of entry (eg Google Ads, Facebook) and additional parameters (eg campaign, device, keyword).

Our solution allows you to assign the time for which the customer will see the exchanged data (eg once, a week, or as long as he does not delete the cookie).

It reduces campaign costs, raises ROAS and conversion rate

Monitoring of clicks and frauds

Sembot collects visit statistics and allows you to easily analyze the history of clicks so that you can detect and block IP addresses that generate unnatural traffic.

The system collects data directly from Google and data from the website. This allows you to compare outgoing traffic with Google Ads to incoming traffic directly on the site. You can add IP addresses to campaign exclusions, and prepare a report for “refund” from Google.

Lower CPC and/or greater coverage at the same price

Bidding using Sembot

Our systems constantly monitor auctions in Google Ads, and if necessary change the rate per click according to the rules introduced by the specialist.

Thanks to this, you can create perfect strategies based on customer profiling, time of day, devices and other signals, and at the same time make the rates per click dependent on the competitive environment at a given time.

The entire company under control, all in one place

Communication with the client

We develop a tool based on the idea of “Slack” allowing for all communication with the customer in one place, the system allows you to create teams, chat channels, 1: 1 conversations, teleconferences, file storage and much more. With the solution, you can completely eliminate e-mail communication, information transfer, Cc, and other uncomfortable teamwork in behavior.

Access is possible through a website, desktop application, mobile applications. All information can be delivered via push notifications.

Good data and the right conclusions are the key to the advantage

Unique statistics

Sembot collects information not directly available in Google Ads. They allow an experienced specialist to understand the behavior of site visitors and draw the right conclusions.

Sembot allows, among other things, to display next clicks in time (a stream of “traffic” that hits the website) containing such data as the input source (campaign, keyword, position, device, session time, session sequence etc.) and statistics in position function (ctr / cpc in position function and others)

One step ahead

Use our technology

Increase the efficiency of team work

Thanks to us, you will eliminate most of the routine activities that are time-consuming and demotivating the team. Additionally, thanks to the Audit, you will detect problems without the need for regular manual browsing of accounts.

Increase the effectiveness of your activities

Thanks to the most effective models of the SPAG/SKAG campaign, you will increase the efficiency of operations, and thanks to our bidding algorithm you will achieve better results than with the CPA/ROAS/CPC strategies.
Our statistics will allow you to draw the right conclusions, collect offline conversions and detect bad clicks.

Access to all information

All communication with the customer in one place using a convenient interface. Everything is bundled with e-mails, notifications, dedicated applications.
The solution provides full control over what the team does.

The last will not be the first. Not in advertising. Be the first.

NDA and Guarantee of non-cooperation with customers added to Sembot

Outsourcing SEM

We will run Google Ads under your brand

It is difficult to develop all e-marketing competences in a company. Probably even impossible.

In order to deliver results to the customer, you need to constantly develop, especially if it is such a complex area as Google Ads ads.

Without professional tools, working with Google Ads is time-consuming, sterile and usually ineffective.

We can serve your customers at the highest level, allowing you to focus on what you feel as confident as we do on Google Ads.


Everyone wins in this partnership

You pass the area of competence in which you do not feel as a market leader. In practice, you reduce the cost, because someone had to do this work anyway, and in the absence of tools, it took many times more time than it should have. You save and earn. We acquire a client. We earn. Finally, the client also wins, who achieves satisfactory results. He earns more, spends more, so we also earn more – and so the breakdown of ROAS.

Let’s win together!

Partnership program

Recommend Clients
and earn

Transfer of contact / recommendation

We believe that the recommendation of our services is a work done for our company that should be rewarded.

If you are already one of our satisfied customers and recommend our products to others, we will thank you for reducing your payment for our services.

Affiliate system

If you are a publisher, blogger, specialist, or in any other way you can use an affiliate system based on links with a reference code, we will be happy to cooperate.

Talk to us about the possibilities of cooperation