Choose the right plan​

Use the SaaS version and start optimizing in a few minutes or start a dedicated Enterprise solution

Try the free version

Do you want to quickly test the solution without adding a card and detailed data?
Run the free version  with a limit of 3 changes per hour

Sembot.io in the SaaS version

Transparent plans, you choose how many CPC bid changes you want to be able to complete within an hour.


$ 19
  • 10 keywords per hour


$ 39
  • 30 keywords per hour


$ 99
  • 100 keywords per hour


Ideal for SEM agencies
and large advertisers
$ 249
  • 300 keywords per hour
Most popular


$ 499
  • 1000 keywords per hour

Sembot.io Enterprise Edition​

Need more keywords, dedicated web hosting or personalized reports?
Contact us and ask about the Enterprise version

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ordering process run?

You click Select Plan, in the next step you give your data and you make the payment by PayPal. You can also pay with PayPal by entering your credit card details.
After payment you get access to script and API key to use Sembot.io

I have an API key and a script. What's next?

You paste the Sembot.io script into your Google Ads account in the tab Bulk Operations> Scripts> Add New. You allow the script to access the required resources, set the execution schedule for each hour and then set the keyword positions you want to achieve. That’s all.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by withdrawing it from your account at Sembot.io or by unsubscribing from your PayPal account.

The service will be active until the end of the billing period.

Can I change my plan after I purchase?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time, either up or down. In case of upgrade, you will only pay the difference between the plans and in case of downgrade we will extend the time until when the first payment for the new plan appears.